Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Being an Actor

Being an Actor

Being an actor isn’t just about pretending to be someone else. It is all about expressing your personality into an unfamiliar character. It requires devotion and complete commitment into staying in character at all times, learning to be some one else other than yourself.

            Acting is a way for me to express myself in a unique and different way, allowing myself to use my skills of improvisation and humor. I want to become an actor because it also allows me to be myself in a character, I can provide the character my unique input.

I have seen many actors in my life, comedians, street performers, theatrical actors, and of course the film actors of blockbuster Hollywood films. When I saw them I thought to myself that the profession of acting was tailor made for me and with an acting career I can influence and inspire many different people. I want to be able to be an icon of different characters for different audiences. 


  1. I've seen your performance at school plays, and it's quite impressive. You are passionate with your career job, and I can imagine you as an actor in the future.